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Life Love Healing Wellness Center works with individuals, couples and families in the Minneapolis, MN area including these counseling service areas: couples counseling, love addiction, sex addiction, codependency, Enneagram, healthy relationships, other addictions and more. 



"There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature.  A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with."  ~Harry Crews


What to Expect From Counseling

 I believe counseling is more than just “fixing” our problems; it’s about becoming in touch with ourselves, our purpose, and our innate ability to heal from our emotional wounds. True spiritual exploration includes an understanding of where we come from, where we are now, and where we must be to fulfill our life’s mission. I do this with clients through a process called Life Script Analysis.

Life Script Analysis allows us to see our patterns of relating with others and with ourselves. Life Scripts tell us who we believe we are, and allow us to see how we are limiting our potential. Exploring our long held beliefs about our worth, and our place in this life, allow us to decide to live differently. Through understanding the ways in which we limit our abilities; Life Scripts allow us to make a conscious decision towards change and growth. Life Scripts allow us to increase our emotional awareness and heal the wounded parts of our psyche.

Together we will explore how you are limiting yourself. Identify the parts of you that need healing in order to live a more joyous and loving life. We will explore early parenting messages you received, ways you internalized these messages, and re-parent the parts of you that continue to live in fearful and destructive ways.

The first step towards growth is many times right in front of us; give yourself this gift of life, love and healing. Contact me today to set up an appointment and to discuss how you can take that first step.

Check out my favorite books on Love Addiction Recovery and Healing Trauma.

Additional Services at the Life Healing Wellness Center

In addition to the counseling services I provide, there are several other great wellness practitioners who are part of The Tangletown Wellness Team dedicated to providing holistic care to support physical and mental wellness.

Llonna Burbidge Massage
Llonna is her own kind of miracle worker. Coined by friends as "the best athletic massage in town" Llonna brings self care to a new level. With over 12 years experience Llonna provides a specialized experience incorporating deep tissue, trigger point and shiatsu techniques. Llonna accepts bookings by appointment. Click here to schedule your massage today. 

Jai Healing Studio
Joessa is a skilled, intuitive healer and chiropractor who utilizes many different modalities and holistic approaches. Joessa individualizes each treatment plan, using a variety of assessment techniques to determine the healing needs of your specific case. Incorporating nutritional support, chiropractic care and mind body wellness Jai Healing offers life changing solutions.  

Tranquil Waters Acupuncture
Nick is our acupuncturist, martial artist, extraordinaire. Nick works with patients to help initiate inner balance and total body wellness. Using a variety of techniques (acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, qigong and dietary therapy) At Tranquil Waters Acupuncture, Nick offers individualized care to increase desired results and restore balance to the body.