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Life Love Healing Wellness Center works with individuals, couples and families in the Minneapolis, MN area including these counseling service areas: couples counseling, love addiction, sex addiction, codependency, Enneagram, healthy relationships, other addictions and more. 

Optimal Coaching and Life Script Analysis

Live the life you dreamed of

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Optimal Coaching 

My coaching clients are people looking for optimal performance in relationships and life. Coaching differs from counseling in that it assumes you are already OK, perhaps you would rate yourself, your life, your relationships; overall as good. What coaching can do is open up a new possibility for greatness. My results driven coaching offerings provide a format for individuals who have already reached their mental health goals, or for those who are already at a baseline or higher level of performance.

With the Optimal Coaching program clients can expect an action driven plan for success. Step one is exploring the ways you are limiting yourself. Step two is creating space for optimal living. You will take the lead in exploring new possibilities for your life and together we will identify the path to get there. 

What skills do you need to master to have an extraordinary life?

Regardless of your answer you must master two skills the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. Living in our old scripts makes a free extraordinary life impossible for any of us.

Life Scripting

A script is a personal life plan which an individual decides early in life and is based upon his or her interpretation of the external and internal events which affect them. The script is a decisional model - this is very important - if I chose my own script then at any time given the right circumstances I can choose to make a change in my script.