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Life Love Healing Wellness Center works with individuals, couples and families in the Minneapolis, MN area including these counseling service areas: couples counseling, love addiction, sex addiction, codependency, Enneagram, healthy relationships, other addictions and more. 

Couples Counseling

Improve Your Relationship Today

Couples Counseling is well worth the time and investment. Bringing intimacy to couples is something I specialize in. Using the RLT approach, I support couples in all different stages of their relationships. I want you and your partner to experience a new level of love respect and wholeness you did not think was possible. Together we can get your relationship on the path you want through an integrative approach to addressing core issues that continue to plague couples' ability to experience the love and intimacy they desire. 

Our primary relationship is pivotal to our experience of joy, connection and happiness in life. Many of us feel especially stuck in this area. We wonder why our partners act the way they act, or do what they do, with little to no reflection on what we may be doing to encourage the dysfunction. Getting ourselves and our partners out of this muck is essential to experiencing freedom, wholeness and intimacy in relationship. Our "Bad Deal" in relationships is often running the show and we all of little to no chance at success when we get stuck in our negative spiral of limiting beliefs. 

Contact Life Love Healing Wellness Center today to see how you and your partner can deepen and strengthen your relationship. We offer several packages for couples and families: the Couples Love Assessment Package, "Baby Makes Three" Couples Classes and the Relationship Renewal Package. Read below for details on my relationship offerings.

Couples Love Assessment Package

Learning you and your partners style of loving each other is essential to lasting renewal in your relationship. Through exploring your attachment patterns, enneagram type and relationship IQ, you and your partner can become experts on each other and enjoy more satisfying lives and relationships. With the Couples Love Assessment Package you will be provided with the tools to help you understand your partners needs and learn how to effectively meet them. 

Package includes:

Attachment Assessment
Enneagram Identification
Four 80 minute sessions

"Baby Makes Three" Couples Package

Specially designed classes for couples who are considering having a baby, currently pregnant, or recently had a baby. Deciding to have a baby is one of the biggest decisions couples can make. Determining how the relationship will change and what feelings may arise are important areas for couples to explore. If baby is already here and your are currently experiencing changes in the relationship you were not prepared for, getting outside help is essential to preventing further damage to the relationship and growing child. Seeking support before or during this life transition can provide you with the necessary tools to excel in your relationship and improve your parenting abilities.  

Private classes include:  
Family Readiness Assessment
Enneagram Assessment
Five 80 minute sessions

Relationship Renewal Package

Our love relationship is possible the most important "high stakes" relationship of our lives. We invest our time, our resources, our trust and our energy into it. People in healthy long-term relationships report higher levels of happiness, fewer health problems, and longer life spans. Their children also do better, with lower rates of substance abuse and greater success in school and in their own adult relationships. Our love relationships are quite possible our greatest and richest resource for happiness and enjoyment. The cost of these relationships not doing well is also very expensive. With the Relationship Renewal package you will gain the skills and tools necessary to get the most from your time and life together. 

Package Includes: 
Relational Style Assessment
Relational tools handout and Enneagram Assessment
Five 80 minute sessions