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Understanding The Enneagram: What Motivates Us and What Drives Our Behavior 

The Ennegram has opened my eyes to a more compassionate understanding of myself and others. It has helped me to understand more clearly how I see the world through my personal filter and how others do the same. It is a powerful tool for which we can all understand our own, and others, personel journeys and spiritual paths. Using the Enneagram with friends, partners, loved ones and clients has improved my ability to understand others on a deeper level and provide additional insight into how and why each one of us is uniquely different. There are several reasons why this method can help us on your healing journey:

  • The Enneagram helps empower us to make changes in ourselves and our relationships
  • The Enneagram gives us the opportunity to have better relationships with the people we love
  • Understanding the Enneagram can help us understand ourselves, our relationships and our lives



Click here to watch a short video on the Enneagram and how it presents itself in a common situation. Find out your type here.

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